About Me 

Hello lovelies!


My name is Carla and I love to travel, study foreign languages and learn new skills. I am an entrepreneur, digital creative, and a black woman in tech.  I also wear the hats of mother, wife, and student. 

In November of 2018, I left my full-time job working for a state university to take a leap of faith and explore freelance consulting opportunities. My previous traditional full-time job left me burned out, stressed, and exhausted. I needed a change and after research, planning, and consulting with my spouse, I left my job. 

I quickly realized that contract work meshes well with my family-centered lifestyle. Freelancing allows you to function as your own boss, create a flexible work schedule and to design a workload around projects of your interest. 

I now own my language consulting business, Translatable LLC. My business analyzes linguistic data for major non-disclosable clients.  My work includes translation, transcription and data annotation. 


I created this blog to connect my interests of travel, remote work and entrepreneurship in one collective space. I have compiled resources to help others be successful in their remote work journey. I hope this blog can encourage women, young adults and female entrepreneurs to forge new paths to discover their own soul ventures and to pursue them full throttle. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey!