DIY Entryway Closet Make Over

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hey guys! When I'm not working, blogging or in class, I love to try DIY projects from Pinterest. My latest project was my entryway closet makeover. I was so EXCITED to start that I forgot to take a before picture of my actual closet. Just imagine your standard small hallway closet painted all white with 2 top shelves and a pole for coats. It pretty much looks like the 1st photo below (but that's not my closet).

BEFORISH (Again not my closet, this is a stock photo that resembles what my closet looked like before)

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Project Materials:

Wood planks, White spray paint, Valspar paint, New shiny coat hooks, Ikea Pillow , Target 2 drawer unit

First: Detach closet doors and remove coat rod. Removal requires unscrewing screws via a power drill. Remove shelving and patch holes with spackle and sheetrock. We also removed a middle row shelf which required lots of patchwork.

Next: Apply several layers of paint and allow paint to fully dry in between coats. I prefer Valspar paint from Lowes. This particular color is called Golden Promise!

Then: ALMOST DONE and its already holding some items! Add your bench of choice. This bench is actually my deconstructed Target 2 drawer unit. To fit into the space I detached the side of the unit. It was a tight fit, but it seems to work!

TAA DAA!! FINAL PRODUCT!! I still need to patch up the walls and the boards a bit, but overall this is the final result of my new entryway nook. My family LOVES it. The coat hook racks were super easy to make! I spray painted the wooden boards white. Once dried I attached the hooks which also drilled directly into the studs.

Thanks for reading and following! Leave pics below of your own hallway closet makeovers!

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