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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

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September has come and gone! October is here and so is the fall-ish weather. I live right outside Baltimore and the leaves are changing colors, but it still feels like summer. Throughout September, I dedicated time to reconnecting with old friends. Some of my friends I had not spoken to in several years. We rekindled our friendships over good food, shared memories and lots of laughter. The beautiful thing is that we were able to pick up right where we left off. Our encounters filled me with so much joy!

As we enter the month of October, I have a few new goals. My first goal is to find a balance in promoting and growing my personal business, Translatable LLC. I founded my company in September to fill the need of providing translation services to nonprofits and businesses. Starting a business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. There have been highs and lows and I look forward to feeling secure and stable. In the meantime, I am taking things step by step. While growing my business, I am still working as a freelance language consultant. Many people have asked me to describe what this is exactly, so here we go.

As a language consultant, I hire myself out to various businesses to assist on linguistic related projects. Some projects are related to human-machine interaction and improving the user experience of interacting with a chatbot. Think about all those times when you logged into your bank account and a chat box popped up offering to answer any questions you may have. On the back end side of that is typically a team of linguists and developers who complete extensive research and perform tasks to perfect the customer’s experience interacting with a machine. This is a growing field that I am super passionate about. I ultimately hope to one day go to graduate school and further study computational linguistics and human-machine interaction. All this to say, that during the month of October I want to pour more of myself into my passion projects. These projects include blogging here for My Soul Venture, developing Translatable LLC and attaining more language consulting contract work. My heart also longs to travel again. I don’t anticipate any near future international travel plans, but I will keep space open for domestic adventures. Leave a comment below and share with me your favorite fall activity! Like always thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see what soul venture awaits you in this beautiful fall season.

Photo from 4 years ago of my family at the pumpkin patch!

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