Grammarly, an Essential Tool in Your Writer's Toolkit

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Last year I started the My Soul Venture Blog. I also started my language consulting business, Translatable LLC at the same time. Today, I juggle both ventures while being a part-time student, mom, and wife. Whether writing a paper for school, editing for my business or drafting a blog post, Grammarly helps me produce well-edited content. Prior to working as a language consultant, I taught English as a second language for over 5 years. At the time Grammarly either did not exist or was not as widely known and in use as it is today. I was once approached by a vendor whose goal was to sell licenses for an automated grammar checker to my school. This vendor was essentially selling to educators what Grammarly offers to its users for FREE!

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

Grammarly provides automated grammar checking and spell check via a downloadable plugin. As you write emails, papers, and virtually any digital correspondence the app corrects your grammar in real-time. This tool is an excellent resource for native English speakers and those who speak English as a second language. It is also a great tool for individuals with dyslexia because it allows you to type and produce written works in confidence. In addition to checking grammar, Grammarly has expanded to provide plagiarism detection and now offers Grammarly Business. If you don't already utilize Grammarly please click the link below to get the Grammarly plugin for your computer.

Whatever your venture is, don't let unchecked grammar and spelling errors hold you back!


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