It's Okay to Feel Okay

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hello lovelies,

How are we doing? Has anyone else adjusted into their new sense of quarantine normal? I am living 24 hours a day with my family, working remotely with my spouse as we homeschool our 4-year-old. The transition was rough, but you can read more about that chaos in last month's post titled Well, March was a Hot Mess.

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In the month of April, I have actually experienced periods of peace and calm.

It is so hard to explain how I can have positive feelings as the world is facing a pandemic...

In March my daughter and I were both involved in a car accident. Thankfully we were both okay, but our car was deemed a total loss. I mourned the loss of the very first car that I had completely purchased on my own. I loved that little car, it was mine and I miss it. Car loss aside, my family was thrust into figuring out how to afford a new vehicle while the nation was thrust into a PANDEMIC.

We basically experienced an emergency during an emergency. Can anyone else relate? I know that many of us are battling other personal storms while facing the COVID crisis. More than ever we need to BE KIND to one another because life is short and life is hard. We can do our part by not making another's life any harder than it needs to be.

March was hard, chaotic and stressful, but April is here, I am here and I believe God brought me through last month for a reason.

I discussed with my husband that I felt guilty for feeling okay.

My husband reassured me that it is okay to feel okay and I wanted to pass this little nugget along to you.

There are so many things that can keep us up tonight. There are so many unknowns, but when you find yourself catching a break from these stressors, I encourage you to soak in the peace.

Again, it is okay to feel okay.

Even though we are living in unprecedented times we can still experience joy, happiness, life, and love. I witnessed a friend get married on Facebook live and another friend welcomed a healthy newborn baby into this world! These are events to celebrate and to soak in. I am so thankful and appreciative of each bit of good news that I receive.

You are loved and we are all here for a reason and a purpose. As we continue to walk into the unknown, let's embrace those little moments of peace as they come. I wish you the best as we venture through this together.


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