My Experience Trying Customized Shampoo and Conditioner

Updated: Apr 27

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Formulate, a custom hair care line which offers personalized shampoo and conditioner. You pick EVERYTHING. You answer a simple questionnaire about your hair type and hair goals. You can even pick the scent! I had fun with the entire process and think that it's definitely worth a try.

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

1st Step: Complete the survey! Provide details on your hair type, goals and select your fragrance.

Here are some of my hair goals with Formulate.

  • Lengthen

  • Volumize

  • Improve Hair Scalp

  • Prevent Thinning

  • Replenish Hair

2nd Step: Product is custom designed by a personal chemist and tech

3rd: Product arrives and experience Formulate shampoo & conditioner for yourself!

A bit about my personal hair journey

As many of you know I have Alopecia. I've had alopecia since I was in high school. The condition worsened after I became pregnant. Shortly after giving birth via c-section, I undergone a 2nd surgery to remove a large tumor. At this time even more of my hair fell out. I am currently bald, but do have a thin layer of peach fuzz. Fun fact scalp care is still important even as a baldie thus my journey to try Formulate.

Now time for some Savings!

My parternship with Formulate allows me to pass the savings on to you. I have 10 discount codes to share and only 10. Use one of these codes and we will both receive credit towards our Formulate purchases.












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