Remote Work? What's that like?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Remote work is flexible, challenging and very rewarding!

It is not a cookie-cutter model and will look different for different people.

Your remote work lifestyle will also vary depending on your profession, job requirements, and schedule.

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

I quit my 9-5 job about 2 years ago. I was overworked, stressed out and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I had been working 40 hours a week while attending school part-time and struggled to devote time to my family and my studies. I chose to put my mental and spiritual health first. With the support of my husband I gave my 2 weeks' notice and started my remote work journey. For me remote work means ultimate flexibility. I am an entrepreneur and I run my own business. Therefore, I have the ability to set my own hours or adjust my schedule as needed based on the needs of my family. However, there are several 9-5 remote positions that still offer benefits that come from working from home.

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Prior to quitting my job, I acquired my first remote contract working with Lausanne Business Solutions. I love working with Lausanne and would also encourage those with a background in Linguistics to consider contract work through them. The project hours vary considerably so you may require an additional job or supplemental income. This led me to begin transcription work with I love Rev because they have an awesome training platform that streamlines the process to get started in transcription if you are new to the field. There is a bit of a learning curve and their system has different levels that you must progress through until you can begin to make some serious money.

Ultimately what ended up working best for me was starting my own language consulting company, Translatable LLC.

I contract my services out to various companies to provide data annotation, translation and transcription services. Recently my business acquired a long term contract working with APPEN. Can I share something with you guys? I LOVE my new contract!

APPEN is a technology company that outsources technology and linguistic tasks to various contractors. Working remotely for APPEN has been awesome because my work is 100% remote and I get to do what I love daily. The hours are flexible and you set your own schedule. The projects can vary and are dynamic. Essentially, once you sign up as an agent you can browse a list of projects. From there you click a button that allows you to qualify or “apply” for certain projects and tasks. If you are in the field of linguistics there are MANY EXCITING jobs for you!

Right now BIG companies are hiring contractors with a background in linguistics to work in natural language understanding or NLU. We help train machines to sound like humans! This is a very minimal description, but if you have a degree in Linguistics and love semantics, morphology and syntax, I encourage you to apply to Appen. If you have a degree in a different field I would still encourage you to sign up with Appen. You can use my personal link to apply here! I do receive a small compensation if you sign up through my link.

Overall, my transition to remote work has drastically influenced my spiritual well being and mental headspace for the better.

My anxiety is better managed and I thoroughly love the flexibility that remote work offers. I have the freedom to travel, work from coffee shops and more control of how I spend my time. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions regarding remote work opportunities!

My blog is here to help you with your transition.


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