Thanksgiving Thoughts & Reflections

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Picture of self sitting outdoors in a park with a relaxed expression on my face
Me sitting in the park enjoying a quiet moment to reflect

In 2 months we will be ringing in a new year. 2020 here we come! As we inch closer to the end of 2019, I can’t help but reflect on the wild ride this year has been. From travel to new jobs and family memories made there is such a full spectrum of experiences to reflect on. I think the best way to describe my life is with the word Full. I’m a mom, an entrepreneur, wife, student and creative and MUCH MUCH more. It may appear that I “seamlessly” weave through these different roles. The reality is that EVERYTHING clashes, competes and vies for my attention. At the end of the day, I am still thankful for the craziness because it's my craziness.

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As time goes by I get a little better at time management and I inch closer and closer to accomplishing longterm goals. I recently had to take a break from school due to financial reasons, but I will be returning this winter and finishing up my 2nd B.A. this spring. I am thankful that even with setbacks that I am still a step closer to my goal!

Another goal I accomplished this year was incorporating my business. Translatable LLC is officially recognized by the state of Maryland and I already have a consistent longterm client. There is so much more to do in my business, but I am thankful for the progress and the direction things are going. Last month, I attended a small business workshop for female business owners. The speaker shared something that has greatly motivated me. She said ALWAYS keep moving. She said something to the effect that even if your business ventures are moving sideways, up and down, zig-zag that we should not be discouraged because movement is better than being static. She encouraged our group to control the movement of our business brands by creating a vision statement and moving in that vision. The speaker's statement hit me because I realized that 2 months into my business and I didn’t have a vision for my company. How can I stay in motion if I don’t know where I am going? This month I will work to steer the direction of my company towards a clear vision.

I want to challenge you all to join me in working towards your own ventures. Can you take 1 hr this week that is just for you to jot down some goals and to create a vision statement of your own? Thank you for reading this far and don't forget to plan your next venture and share your plans with me in a comment below!

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