Well, March was a Hot Mess...

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Either from boredom or ingenuity, my mother devised a "mask" from a Poise pantyliner and strapped it to MY teddybear....

Hello lovelies! How are we doing? Are we all hanging in there?

Whoa! The month of March has given me a greater perspective on life!

On March 10, my daughter and I were involved in a car accident. We walked away from the accident unscathed, but I did sustain a mild back injury. 

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

This accident occurred just as the COVID-19 social distancing measures were coming into effect in my state. I found my self in a mad dash to settle my insurance claim, replace my vehicle, consult with a lawyer and receive treatment while these businesses and services were still available.

I am so thankful to the family and friends who came alongside us with support during that hectic time. 

We are living in a time where our familiar comforts and securities are being challenged. Our normal routines and livelihoods have been disrupted and inconvenienced.

I have gone through several emotions in the past few weeks. Okay, I have had ALL the emotions.

When my initial fear and shock subsided, I received a gentle reminder that through it all, some things are constant.

My faith in God is my anchor. When the world starts spinning and the familiar becomes unknown my faith centers me.

I encourage you all to know your anchor and to find your center. Let us all continue to love and support one another.

Now is the time for positive vibes and community engagement. Pray for one another and be kind to each other.

I love you all. Please take care! 

Wishing you all health and joy during these trying times.


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