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Updated: May 5, 2020

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via any affiliate links in this post.

If you know me then you know that I am always studying a new language or learning a new skill. It is no easy feat to keep my attention. I am a visual and auditory learner which is why I use Coursera to explore new languages! Courses include video lectures, transcription of the audio and or presentations. I love that transcripts of the audio are provided because it helps me process information when I can reference a text while I listen.

The instructors of Coursera courses artfully provide differentiated learning to accommodate various learning styles. I love it so much I want you to check out Coursera too! I’ve taken Learn to Speak Korean which taught me how to read Hangul and how to say basic phrases. I am currently enrolled in Python for Everybody which teaches coding fundamentals. Each course I’ve taken is instructor-guided but entirely self-paced.

Coursera is a great way to explore the waters without committing to a semester-long credit course. Courses can be completed for FREE or you can purchase a course to obtain a certificate!

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